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The most convenient
underwear available

Find out why people are calling these "the most convenient pair of underwear" they've ever owned.

Our Underwear:

  • Large phone sized pockets
  • Pouch construction with side fly
  • Smooth unnoticeable tag
  • Made from breathable combed cotton
  • First order money-back guarantee

First order money back guarantee

other underwear brands versus under pockets

How do they compare?

The other brands

The Other Brands

  • Over priced averaging $30-$40 for one pair of underwear
  • Designed without a side fly
  • Non-breathable synthetic fabrics like polyester
  • No pockets
The other brands

Under Pockets

  • Half the price of competing brands
  • Designed with side fly
  • Breathable high quality combed cotton
  • Two side pockets

First order money back guarantee

Better than the department store multipacks

Long inseam prevents chaffing

Long inseam
prevents chaffing

Pouch construction to keep your boys comfy

Pouch construction to keep
your boys

First order money back guarantee

Loungewear that's comfortable, functional,
and still let's you feel like a man.

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First order money back guarantee

What can you use Under Pockets for?

There are many uses for Under Pockets

Uses for Under Pockets

"I love my Under Pockets!
They will hold much more than a cell phone"
-Chis Wilson

What can you store in Under Pockets?

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • Any items you want to conceal

First order money back guarantee

Why Cotton?

Not just regular cotton. High quality, breathable, combed cotton.


Combed Cotton is:

  • Both stronger and softer than
    regular cotton.
  • More breathable than polyester
    and other synthetic fabrics.
  • Similar in softness to modal.
  • Biodegradable and better fiber for our planet.

"Super comfortable, no bunching or sagging. Just the right amount of support and roominess. Great underwear with or without pockets!"-Mike Newman

First order money back guarantee

This is just some gimmicky product that I don't need, right?

Use Cases


You might buy Under Pockets if:

  • If you struggle to find loungewear that's comfortable functional, and still makes you feel like a man.
  • If you have a need to hide valuables, such as a passport while traveling.
  • If you work from home and need something to wear for those zoom calls.

Convenient Comfortable First order money back guarantee

First order money back guarantee

Yup, even if they've been worn.


100% Absolute

Our guarantee is as amazing and
as hassle free as our product!

If you are not completely happy
with your purchase, we will refund one pair of underwear that has been worn. And any underwear that is unworn.

Convenient Comfortable

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