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About Us

The idea for Under Pockets started in March of 2020. Like many at the time, I was stuck at home unable to leave for much else other than grocery shopping or a walk in the park. Since middle school I had forever worn loose fitting boxer briefs. I would wear these boxers until they were riddled with holes and needed to be replaced. One day, when looking for a standard multi-pack of loose fitting boxer shorts, I accidentally bought a pack of tight fitting, compression boxer briefs. To my surprise I thought they were so comfortable and regretted never buying them before. I wore them all through lockdown in March and April 2020 and constantly found myself needing a place to put my phone while not wearing pants. 

One of the biggest bad jokes of 2020 was that 50% of people on Zoom calls weren't wearing pants. Now all of those people have somewhere to put their phones. 

-Nate Berry

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